VA For Appointment Setting

VA for appointment settingWe are seeking a talented VA for appointment setting.

You must be fluent in English with little to no accent.

This is a freelancer position to make calls for 1-3 hours per week or every other week. If all goes well, the hours will increase slightly.

We need someone to call up American companies listed on a Google sheet.

There is no sales involved, but you should be great on the phone and have the type of personality that will convince them to set the appointment or say yes to another e-mail or call.

We need someone with common sense and intelligence.

The calls should be done either using an online calling service, a landline, or a very clear cell phone in a quiet area.

These are calls within the US, so we won’t be providing a way to call.

Please contact us with your experience and hourly rate.

We won’t be paying for blocks of time upfront, this is very part-time work by the hour until we feel comfortable with the person and their level of work.

We can pay you after each hour’s work if that makes you feel more comfortable.

We look forward to working with you.

Thank you

Rapid Financial Solutions
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