Europe Company Registration

Setting up a business in Europe

Expanding Your Business Overseas and looking for a Europe Company Registration Solution.

The European Business Market

Every year the world becomes an increasingly globalized network of businesses, partnerships, and entrepreneurial ventures. In this century of fast-paced evolution, the biggest breakthrough that businesses have realized is the near limitless potential of consumers outside their physical niche market.

This phenomenon is primarily due to one word: globalization.

Previously expanding your business outside your country of origin was, at the very least, a headache-inducing affair. For instance, perhaps you’re a business owner in the United States, and you’re considering moving your business overseas to the European market where you can replicate your success and effectively double or triple your revenue capabilities.

Or maybe you need a merchant account from a European credit card processor and they require you have a European company set up.

This all sounds great, right? But maybe something’s holding you back…

In the past, heavy bureaucratic red-tape has stopped many an aspiring entrepreneur dead in their tracks and prevented them from obtaining business goals. While the process has certainly become streamlined to some extent, for the average business owner, making trips to the EU or anywhere overseas to finalize paperwork and process visa documents means time spent away from their business back home.

It doesn’t have to be like that anymore.

With Rapid Financial Solutions’ (RFS) quick turnaround time, you can have your new EU business legitimatized and operational in less than a week!

 This kind of earning potential could mean the difference between barely reaching your quarterly goals, and breaking new financial ground year after year.

How To Set Up an EU Corporation?

 Ok, so your interest is piqued – but, how does it actually work? How do I set up a company in Europe?

While the option still exists for you as the business owner to manage the legwork and legal documentation of setting up an EU Corp. yourself, we offer vastly easier and more affordable alternative solutions.

Together, we’ll breakdown the entire process of setting up an EU Corp, both from the perspective of the business owner, and the behind the scenes work done by the experts at RFS.

Fast EU Application

 The first step in setting up your Europe company registration will be filling out the form that is sent to you.

It’s quick and easy. You will specify the name of your new European business/corporation, the Primary Shareholder and Person with Significant Control, your banking needs, personal information, and more.

Note: The application will require original and notarized documents including a driver’s license and/or passport. These will be promptly returned to you via the post after the registration of your EU Corp.

The list of documents required for submission of the application are as follows:

  1. A completed and signed application form.
  2. A signed Information Sharing Agreement (ISA)
  3. A certified copy of a passport/driving license for all directors and shareholders (the photo ID cannot expire within the year the company is being set up)
  4. A certified copy of 2 proofs of address for persons attached to the corporation. They need to be dated within 3 months of the application. Accepted ID can be a bank statement, gas bill, water bill, electricity bill, landline phone bill, or a tax bill.
  5. Proof of country residency (if applicable)

Wire Transfer

After completing the necessary paperwork and putting your documents in the mailbox, it’s time for everyone’s least favorite part of the process: payment. For security purposes, RFS’s European partner cannot begin work on the registration of your EU Corp, until the corresponding wire transfer has been received and legitimized.

While RFS offers a variety of packages and services for you to choose from to best optimize your overseas operations, the payment requirements are standardized. All services are billed 3 months in advance, including a one-month deposit.

Note: that if you require a foreign bank account, some foreign financial institutions will require in-person visits to formalize the agreement. If you need an EU Corp just for credit card processing, you won’t need to create an EU bank if your American corporation owns the EU corporation.

After payment has been received, you can sit back and relax. Your part of the work is done!

Certificate of Incorporation

After successful registration of your EU Corp, RFS will send you a Certificate of Incorporation thereby officializing your business in the EU.  Some business owners may additionally request a Memorandum and Articles (M&A) of the company.

Congratulations! You’re now the owner of a fully-fledged corporation in the EU!

Why Choose Rapid Financial Solutions for Europe Company Registration Worldwide?

Now that you know the “how” of starting  your own EU Corp, it’s time to decide which company you’re going to use to represent you in the legal production of registering your new business in the EU.

As a top player in the market of formation services, RFS  has garnered a unique and unblemished reputation for excellence in our field, and we want to share with you why that is.

Competitive Pricing and Packaging

RFS is proud to offer a highly competitive pricing model with different packages. From the most basic, hands-off approach, to a fully immersive set-up including a corporate registered address, unique nominee service, virtual office services, and accounting services, we have everything you need to make your expansive business venture a rapid success.

While we aren’t the least expensive, the reason our prices aren’t rock bottom is because we are professionals in our field, and we don’t jeopardize your business with the government and banks. (read more below)

Or click here to reach out and we can discuss our pricing and service packages with you.

Spotless Professional Record: Referrals Only

 In order to compete in the saturated market of formation services, RFS partnered with one of the leading industry providers for Europe Company Registration.

What sets them apart from their competitors is not competitive pricing, it’s their overall commitment to quality assurance. In fact, they don’t market or advertise their services anywhere, their business is 100% referrals.

How do they do this?

Unfortunately, there has been a documented history of other Eurpoean formations services and agents providing false documentation, forged signatures and illegal tactics that have caused considerable damage to their corporations’ banking/processing relationships.

All too often new clients come from their competitors relaying stories that their set ups had taken six months to a year, and then everything ended in disarray after the discovery of a false utility bill, forged document, or illegitimate license.

At RFS we feel that if a client is investing in the formation of an European Corporation, they are entitled to the highest level of professionals handling their corporate structure and operations. Our commitment to quality assurance, excellect customer service as well as honest transparent dealings have been the overriding factor in our ability to rely exclusively on professional partners for our clients’ continuing growth and success.

Trustworthy Nominees

Unless you decide to open a foreign bank account and establish residency in the European country you are registering your EU Corp in, you’ll need to have an appointed nominee.

In this instance, a nominee is defined as: a person or entity who is requested or named to act for another, such as an agent or trustee. This nominee essentially acts as the “local” face of your company and attaches their name to your business.

Before you begin to sweat, know that these nominees do not have any shareholdings in your business, nor do they possess signing power. That said, possessing a quality nominee, such as RFS provides, is integral to the success of your EU Corp.


Benefits of Having a Good Nominee

A good nominee will have been vetted and cleared with a criminal background check. Other formation services have been known to provide nominees without this thorough inspection which can ultimately slow or even halt the registration of your European Corporation.

At RFS, we do not believe in sharing nominees (having the same nominee listed on several corporations) as some of our other competitors do. If you are getting a merchant account for your credit card processing, this could prevent you from getting it.

When registering your EU Corp, we assign one nominee that is unique to your specific business and whose name is attached to your business and your business alone. In fact, if requested, we can offer virgin nominees whose name has not belonged to any previous corporation in the past.

The nominees are aware of what they are signing up for. This last bit of information is crucial. While all of our nominees sign legally binding contracts, we consider it essential that they be informed of what they are attaching their names to. This relates back to our overriding belief in transparency throughout the formation process.

Note: Business owners do not have contact with nominees. The contract implementation, signing, and subsequent dealings with the nominee will be conducted by RFS and their partner.

So that covers everything you need to know about setting up a Europe Company Registration, but we are sure you may have additional questions, so fill this out, and we are more than happy to address all of your questions.