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Are you a small online company

Are you a small online company looking for a way to accept payments from your customers? Many online startups have a hard time finding a reliable safe way to accept payments from their customers online, so they end up settling for Pay Pal. Pay Pal has it’s…

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Are you looking for High Risk Merchant Account Rates?

Are you looking for High Risk Merchant Account Rates for your High Risk Business? Are you wondering why they can’t be given to you before you start the process? Banks mail out credit card offers with rate offerings on a daily basis – but if you’re looking at…

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Payday Loan Companies

Merchant Accounts for Payday Loan Companies Honest Payday Loan Companies? If you own an honest payday loan company business and are looking for a merchant account, we may be able to help In recent years, the payday loan industry has gotten a bad name, largely due to…

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