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How Do I Get a Merchant Account?

One of the most common questions is, how do I get a merchant account If you’re in a low-risk industry, getting a merchant account that will allow your business to accept credit card payments probably won’t be too difficult. You just find a bank and apply for…

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The Reality of Merchant Accounts

So you think you want a merchant account and you are wondering about the reality of merchant accounts? The thing is, banks don’t have to provide merchants with a merchant account. Just because it says “merchant” in the name doesn’t mean it’s something that all merchants are…

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How Does Credit Card Processing Work?

Have you ever wondered how credit card processing works? Credit Card Processing is how you obtain a Merchant Account. If you’re a business (retailer, services business, e-commerce business, etc.) and you want to accept credit cards on a website or in your retail store, what exactly is…

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