Merchant Accounts for Pharma

We can get you Merchant Accounts for Pharma

Banks have been wishy washy about allowing merchant accounts for pharma, so one month pharma is allowed, the next month they aren’t.

I have solutions for pharma, so if your business lost its merchant account for your pharma company, and you are in need of one, or you want a second merchant account as a backup (I highly recommend this, as you don’t know if your processing bank will continue to keep you on), please start by filling out our pre-application here

I will get back to you once I receive your pre-app. If I don’t get back to you within 24 hours, there was a problem, so please e-mail me.

Thank you and I look forward to helping your pharma business.


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As of today, I have placed two different pharma companies with merchant accounts.

One company is from the UK, & the other is from Israel/US.

The account has VT & doesn’t insist on 3D.

If your pharma company needs a merchant account, please fill out my pre-application above.