Our Chargeback Prevention Service

Chargeback Prevention ServiceAre you seeking a reliable chargeback prevention service?

If you are a high risk company who is experiencing more than the maximum 1% chargebacks per month, you may be at risk of losing your merchant account.

Rapid Financial Solutions deals with high risk companies every day, and our goal is not just to help you get you a merchant account with the best rates, but also to help you prevent chargebacks. This saves you money, time and stress.

3D Secure Program

One of the best preventions is to signup with our 3D secure program to prevent chargebacks before they even happen.

These programs are called

  • Verify by Visa
  • MasterCard Secure Code

You can implement this program right away even with your current merchant account. The only question is what shopping cart and internet gateway you are using on your website.

This chargeback prevention service uses unique software that looks at your customer’s behavior via information from their bank before the transaction is allowed to go through on your end.

If anything seems out of the norm, the customer’s bank won’t let the transaction go through. This is all done instantaneously so there is no delay during your customer’s checkout process.

Why This Prevents Chargebacks

If the transaction does go through and later on the customer claims they never authorized the transaction (this is called friendly fraud), their bank has to honor the sale and eat the chargeback or refuse to let their customer issue one in the first place. Of course, there are always small exceptions, but this is the general principle of how this software works. It works in conjunction with almost all the banks worldwide, not just the banks in America.

Did you know that friendly fraud supersedes REAL fraud by a high percentage?

What You Need to Know About our Chargeback Prevention Service

The consumer doesn’t have to sign up for the program. It all takes place behind the scenes and is part of a program with their bank and their credit card.

Get Started in Less Than 3 Minutes!

Benefits For Using our 3D Secure Chargeback Prevention Service

    1. A common misconception is that it hinders sales. Many things have changed over the years and now it actually helps to increase your sales from 2-4%, depending on your industry.


      Because many internet gateway fraud modules will flag a transaction as suspicious and either one of two things will happen:

      a) The customer leaves your site once they realize you rejected their order.
      b) Or they keep trying to redo the transaction which then flags their card with their bank. After 2-3 tries, their bank now locks their credit card. At this point the chances of your customer leaving is very high, and you’ve now lost the sale due to what’s called a false positive.

      Our software reduces any chance of your sales being flagged as fraudulent when really they were false positives.

      With this chargeback prevention service, your customer’s card issuing bank is already telling your internet gateway that the sale is okay and should go through.

    2. This proprietary software uses an authorization list that connects to your customer’s bank which keeps all the necessary information on file to see if the transaction appears as if it’s coming from your customer and isn’t a stolen credit card.

      If the transaction isn’t authorized, it’s due to lack of information from your customer’s bank and therefore isn’t a viable sale.

    3. Our software works just like the chip readers in stores that prevent fraud, but it’s developed for e-commerce sites that only sell online.
    4. Another benefit with our software is that depending on your vertical, your processing bank gives you interchange savings off of your merchant account fees. Depending on how many transactions you go through every month with your merchant account, this can save you quite a bit of money.

Our software provide real-time insight on your customers from what the Issuing bank thinks of the transaction before the authorization, we help reduce your overall cost by shifting liability on fraudulent transactions, reduce interchange costs, and increase order acceptance.

Find Out More Information

If you are interested in learning more about how the chargeback prevention service software works, what the cost is for your company (depends on how many transactions you process monthly), and if our software works with your processor and internet gateway (this is important), Request More Information to set up a meeting to view our demo that’s convenient for you.

We look forward to helping you save money, and relieve yourself of unnecessary chargebacks.


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